Welcome to the Australian Artist Directory.
A new way for Artists to showcase their work online.
As a fully Australian Startup Company we are launching The Australian Artist Directory
with a special price for new members during Beta. The Cost to become a Member is $10 AU.
After Beta has been completed the membership will increase. We will be accepting 500 Beta members.

What sets Us apart?
Firstly, We are created by Artists for Artists.
Everything anyone needs to know is displayed on Individual Artist pages.
Including: All Addresses whether Online, Brick and Mortar,
Fine Art Gallery or Market Stall.
 Randomly showcased on the front page of the Site as a Feautured Artist included in Membership
 Your Social Media is all in one place.
Types of Work available from Commissions to Media Mentions and Awards.
We cover all genres of artistic work. From Abstract to Zen
So whether you work with Pastels or Metal, Performance Art or Miniature Carvings you can list yourself on the Australian Artist Directory.
We are Building the Biggest and Most User Friendly Directory to assist all Artists in Australia and their Customers.

Featured Artist:
Jane Holloway

What will it be like to become a Member?
It is free to browse and cost effective to join.
We are adamant to never sell or distribute our Artist information to any third party.
We will be building the Ultimate Art Hub for the Australian Artist Community.

This Site is about Celebrating and Showcasing Australian Artists to the World.
Creating tools that make sense and are relevant to all Artists in Australia.
With the changing landscape of Art sales this Site will give Artists the ability to give current and potential customers,
Choices on where and how to purchase their Artistic Wares.
As all avenues to sales can be listed on one page.This will be ONE link to Rule them all.

Australian Artist Directory has been created to keep pace with the Online Landscape of Artistry.
As Artists become more Adept at featuring their Artworks on not just traditional mediums such as Canvas.
The Print on Demand Industry (POD)  has grown.
With RedBubble Leading the way in Australian POD.
Along with more traditional mediums of Artworks sold on sites like ETSY
The Australian Artist Directory understands that It's not just Art Gallery showings anymore!

How do I join Australian Artist Directory?
Click on Membership in the Menu above to learn about benifits and how to join.
Click here to see one of our Artist Pages.
We look forward to having you join us in this exciting artistic opportunity.

Coming Soon.
Over the next six months as our Membership grows we will be building new features into the site to assist artists.
We don't want to give too much away, but we will be adding
Commercial Pages
Customizable Pages for Artists
and much much more.
One Step at a time for now.
We hope that you enjoy becoming part of the Australian Artist Directory as much as we love you joining us.
We are here to make business easier for all Australian Artists